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How it works

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Frequent Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

A Guider is a person who has the ability and willingness to help others. They can be a professional in any field, a mentor, a technician, a student, a certified coach, a parent, etc.
Yes, we take the time to get to know our Guiders with deep conversations and a strict background check.
Yes, anyone who has the ability and wants to help and support someone else can be a Guider. Certifications do help, but we know that diplomas do not replace life experience. The more guidance you give, the better guider you will become.
As long as you are willing to help someone in need, you have the potential to be a good Guider. Someone who knows a little can mean a lot to someone who knows less. Remember: experience is the path to becoming an expert. The more guidance you give, the better guider you will become.
It is difficult to know if a Seeker and you will be a good fit before you speak. That is why Seekers have the get-to-know-you option when trying to connect with a Guider. If they think you are not a good fit, they can cancel the call. Do not be afraid to try your best to help someone. But if you think the fit is not right, you also have the right to decline a seeker or point them to someone else.
Let’s be honest. We are here to help people. We also want to reward people for their time. The profit you can generate through Mecomi is up to you. The more positive guiding sessions you have, the better chance you will have to upgrade and make more money later. We believe that if you aim to help people, the money will follow.
There are 3 main differences:
- At Mecomi, you pay a fair price. Our business model allows Seekers to pay a minimum amount per session.
- At Mecomi, we know that there are people capable of sharing their knowledge without diplomas. We still run a background check on all our applicants, but we do not demand to see diplomas/certificates.
- We care about both Seekers and Guiders. your goal is to help people through matching them with others who want to help.
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