Noa Mintz

Noa Mintz is a content intern and the youngest member of the Mecomi team. A New Yorker in origin and personality, she now lives in Jerusalem while volunteering and contemplating life’s next moves. When the workload gets light, she likes to tend to her apartment’s community garden and explore Israel’s best coffee stores.

10 May 2021 Alexandra Anderson

A stranger in a strange land

I am a stranger in a strange land.

Fifteen months ago, I moved overseas from Lima, Peru to Houston, Texas. Even though more than a year has passed, I still feel like a stranger. I’m Read More

24 Jun 2021 Alexandra Anderson

How to install Mecomi.apk

When you download .APKs from external sources, like websites or other apps, you should enable a relevant permission on your device in order to install it.

Please find a relevant path for your device in the list below:

  • Google Pixel: Settings > Apps and notifications > Advanced > Special app access >
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