Our core values


Above all, we are loyal to our customers, our team, and ourselves. We are a team on a mission to help others.

Customers first

Every system upgrade and change in design always aims to serve our seekers and guiders. We strive to deliver the best possible value to our customers so they all can succeed.


We believe the best way to lead is by example. We cannot expect others to do something if we are not doing it ourselves.


We always go the extra mile for our Guiders and Seekers. We strive to exceed their expectations. Our team always aims to anticipate needs and take initiative.


We are humble regarding our progress and accomplishments. We do not take credit for our successes but give credit to the people who make these successes possible.

Disciplined & professional

We are motivated, accountable, and goal-driven at every stage of our projects.


When facing adversity, we remain solution-oriented because we know that the best solutions have nothing to do with hierarchy.


We always accept full responsibility for our actions and performance. When we identify an issue, we do not blame others, but we do our best to solve it.


We are enthusiastic about being a part of the Mecomi community.


We are always learning and improving. Individual and collective improvement benefits us all.

Inclusiveness & Equity

We value diversity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We recognize that our differences make us stronger.

Selflessness & Ethical

We always put others and the company before ourselves. We base our decision-making on what is best for the company and what is ethically and morally correct.

Meaningful relationships

We work to build meaningful, positive, and fun relationships within our team, Guiders, Seekers, and partners. Positive relationships are what successful businesses and successful people have in common.


We have faith in our mission and in the impact we will have in the world. We believe in everything that Mecomi stands for, and we passionately live by these core values EVERY DAY!

Decision making

When called to make tough decisions, we analyze, assess and execute. We recognize when we make mistakes and learn from them, because every failure is a learning opportunity.

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