How Mecomi works.

1. Download the app

Create an account and fill out some basic info.

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2. Select your space and make a request.

Express yourself. The right Guider will find you.

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3. A Guider will call you

A Mecomi Guider will call you. This is your chance to ask questions to get to know each other.

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Why is it awesome?

Fast, real time response, whenever you need.

Call back whenever you want.

Have as many Guiders as you want, for free.

Get to meet Guiders and gain an ally.

Pay only for what you use.


What Our Seekers Say

Want to be a Guider? Join us.

Want to be a Guider? Join us.

Frequently asked questions

You can ask a Guider anything. Maybe you want someone to teach you to play the trombone or you want to practice speaking Spanish. You can also just request someone to talk to. All you need to do is describe what you are looking for and see if a Guider can help you.
Yes. But we suggest you make your request as specific as possible to help find the right Guider. Let us know what your goals are and what our Guiders can do to help you accomplish them.
There will always be five free minutes at the beginning of every interaction. This gives you the opportunity to describe your needs and see if a Guider is right for you. Sometimes it's just a matter of a “click” between two people. If not, you can request another Guider and continue your search.
You can request a specific topic, but if you just need someone to talk to, include that in your request.
Seekers (users) must be at least 18 years old. Younger Seekers must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.
Requests are made in English, but you can specify that you want to speak to someone in another language. For example, you can say: “I want to learn to play the trombone with someone who can speak to me in Spanish.” A Guider who speaks the requested language will contact you.
If you aren’t happy with the Guider, for whatever reason, end (politely please) the call. During your next attempt, it might be worthwhile to add details to your profile or redefine your request to help you find a Guider who truly suits your needs. The Guider contact will remain in your Mecomi contact list in case you want to contact that Guider for different topics in the future.
All Guiders are subject to background checks. But because you are not sharing any personal information (bank accounts, credit card details, passwords, or private addresses), you can treat this virtual interaction the same way would you treat an in-person one. Your judgement is the best guide.

Learn something new with every conversation.

Express yourself - don't be shy!

You will learn something from every encounter.

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