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Set up free minutes and rates for every call and copy your personal link.


Set your prices

Set up free minutes and rates for every call and copy your personal link.


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Share it on any of your social media platforms or websites. People will be able to connect with you through a paid voice or video call.


Share your link

Share it wherever you want. People will be able to connect with you through a paid voice or video call.

Why use Mecomi?

Make every minute count

Mecomi is for you, if you are an expert, specialist, influencer, creator, or mentor who wants to communicate more meaningfully with your community and make money while doing it.
We believe direct communication, through video and phone calls, is a powerful way to connect more profoundly with your community. We know that your community are more likely to stay in contact with you, if they feel a personal connection.
We also know your time is valuable, and you should be paid for it.
Mecomi allows you to monetize your community, and also forge personal relationships with them.
Most importantly, you set the rules. You choose when you want to speak with your contacts, who you want to speak with, and for how long.

How does Mecomi work?

Our technology allows you to make audio and video calls with integrated payment.

Connect with your followers, contribute to their lives, listen to them, and help them with whatever they need and anything you can.

Followers will not be able to call you without first verifying their data and entering a valid credit card with proven funds. We know that privacy and security are essential to you, we know the risks involved, and that's why we give you the tools to easily control the type of interaction and the demand it generates.

Safety and privacy.
You don’t have to share any personal information. There’s no need to share your phone number or email.

You will get paid every time a call ends.
Our advanced technology will make sure that you get paid for every minute of your call, depending on the rate that you have set. That payment will be seamlessly processed at the end of the call.

Get your waitlist and call whenever you want.
Your account will show a waitlist of contacts requesting to speak with you. Call whoever is available, whenever you want.

Receive and Make calls.
You decide how many free minutes you want to give at the beginning of each call, and whatever price you want to charge your contacts per minute.

Benefits of being part of Mecomi


Control your availability. You decide when you are available for Mecomi conversations. Go online or offline whenever you want.


No matter where you are, you can instantly start earning money by making a call through Mecomi. All you have to do is open the app on your phone or computer, and select who you feel like speaking to on your waitlist. You’ll get paid seamlessly through the app at the end of the call, meaning you don’t have to chase down anyone.


Your private information is not given to anyone, even if you decide to contact them. Your contacts can only call you through the platform when you decide to be available.

Connect and Contribute actively to your

Connect and Contribute
actively to your Community

Join a series of free webinars, seminars, and personalized mentorship.

Be part of a series of webinars, seminars, and personalized mentorship.

We want to help you become the best version of yourself, so you can become even better for your community. Mecomi promises to always provide support.

Every single idea that you have, we will take into consideration.

We are building Mecomi for you, so the sooner you join, the better we can make the platform.

Affiliates program, earn money through your network.

Get your friends to sign up for Mecomi, and we’ll enable you to earn profits from every one of their interactions. Learn more about the Affiliates Program here.


Mecomi is a platform that connects relevant people with others that are willing to pay to talk to them.
Our technology allows people to set their rates and get paid after every interaction.
We take 20% out of each of your interactions. Most of it covers the costs of our technology, which means we only get 6% of that sum. If you’re an early adopter and join our platform before July 7th, 2022- we will only charge a 15% fee.
Sign up on our website. Set your rate per minute. Copy the shareable link from your dashboard, and share and promote it anywhere. Watch your waitlist grow, start making calls, and earn money.
Everyone that clicks on your Mecomi personal link.
You can charge whatever you want. That’s up to you.
We recommend giving five free minutes to your contacts at the start of every call. If you need help choosing a price, contact us, and we will help you out.
No. You can accept or decline any call, whenever you want.

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Safety and privacy.

Get paid every time a call ends.

Get a waitlist and call your followers whenever you want.

Receive calls.

Make Calls.

Integrated real time payment.

Built in video and audio calls.

Bidirectional calls.

Wait list available.